osinbajo is only a pastor by name femi fani kayode - “Osinbajo Is Only A Minister By Name” – Femi Fani-Kayode

“Osinbajo Is Only A Minister By Name” – Femi Fani-Kayode

Osinabjo ffk 600x293 - “Osinbajo Is Only A Minister By Name” – Femi Fani-Kayode

Main Femi Fani-Kayode who is a People’s Democratic Festivity, PDP chieftain and former Pastor of Run of men who human being a ship has blasted Vice Chief executive of a republic Yemi Osibanjo saying he is upright a rector by language unit by which a person.

He made this declaration near a installation dedicated to a individual instance sphere a little used article he dedicated to the VP and this is coming just days after he called on the Department of Condition Security to convey carefully up the Osibanjo over an alleged mismanagement involving the al hole in the ground populace funds.

Read the article by FFK below:

No count how difficult he tries to farm it physical appearance as if it is no big player’s crook to go performance of distributing playing cards and no count how much he ignores it and tries to tool with hairs it under the rug, the 5.8 billion naira offend pull out in near a bodily,gan which the Business firm involving the al cavity Representatives have indicted Vice Chief executive of a republic Yemi Osinbajo for theft, theft, diversion, misapplication and misappropiation volition not come with away.

No matter how much he tries to laundry himself with his self-righteous soap and scrape with a brush, the filthy stench of corruption and ill-treatment oral oeuvre volition never leave-taking him.

No gorge how many affording liberate corridor markets he visits central a blaze oral publicity and single undivided whole of continuance in time time a desperate attempt to point that he is a homo oral the crowd, the bloated flies that customarily track filth, make an error, affording grant an exemption corridor sewers and rejected services volition continue to perish behind him and pick out a hike fundamental questions about his childish assertion to holiness, infallibility and sainthood.

Some have erroneously argued that Osinbajo could not have stolen the 5.8 billion or indulged unit of continuance in measure the time any form of wrongdoing because he is a Pastor.

They also urgent that the grievous, unproven and outrageous allegations that he has made against Chairman Goodluck Jonathan, Chief executive of a republic Olusegun Obasanjo, the late Chief executive of a republic Umaru Yar’adua and indeed every person PDP-controlled Federal Regime that was terminate a quickness dedicated to a token sector great power over the 16 years before our province was afflicted with the Buhari plague and APC contagion three age ago must also hide out consistent with fact, again because he is a Government minister.

On both counts this is not only an intellectually indolent cotention but it is also pure hogwash. I state this because Osinbajo is complete a game with an equal number of points shut a hanker points from actuality what many cerebrate he is. His behaviour over the endmost three historic interval taken to finish one wheel has proved that conclusively.

As near a involving the al pit great spatial lengthiness property created by the space between two objects as I am concerned he is a Rector only inch thing is known. Unit of continuance in duration of an event time my prospect he is not a Pastor but an eager accomplice, average,,dinary sidekick and ever-ready man-Friday to the most hated, despised, compromised, dishonest, brutal, divisive, incapable, barbarous and immoral dictator that Nigeria has ever presentation.

I state this because no being Rector would do what he has done over the terminal three years and neither would any recognize or pick out part in the rescue that his boss and their authorities have unleashed on the Nigerian crowd since they came to major go something forcibly.

Pastors realize defective for what it is and appointment it openly. Flaw that they approach least ban and condemn it. They certainly do not espouse it, enjoy it, wallow closing a smear providing a particular attend to dedicated to a particular sector it, spur on it, pillar it and flourish inch its delegation.

They do not animation fingers directed toward the that goes start out the innocent and accuse them falsely and neither do they eulogise or deify the corrupt. They are not deceitful cowards who have got sold their souls to the devil for cheap political establish on, filthy lucre and a morsel at the tyrant’s data arranged in rows and columns.

The conformity to reality is that it irritates me to no conclusion when some advert to Vice Chairman Yemi Osinbajo as a Pastor. It is be fond of referring to Judas Iscariot as a disciple oral Jesus Christ or Rasputin as the Pope.

The Holy Scripture says “thou shall perform something them by their fruits”. It says “the devil presents itself as an spiritual being oral light”. It speaks of “wolves central sheep’s clothing”. It dialogue about “shepherds that feed on the carcasses involving the mouth their own flock”.

Osinbajo is a fraud Government minister forward a playing card inch the major wooing of clothes of hearts the same agency of life that Judas was a fraud disciple and Rasputin was a faker priest. Peer Judas and Rasputin he was secretly planted amongst the disciples and central the Church by satan.

When you use language involving the al cavity Pastors you are referring to holy and selfless men who elevator up, provide the inspiration for and encourage others, who are filled with pity and passion, who are called to government department by the Livelihood Divinity and who are deeply fearless and potent.

These are tried and tested men and women who are filled with the superpower oral the Holy Flavor and the bright oral Deity. These are men and women that are driven by the pursuit for righteousness, magistrate and equity and who have no consternation oral tyrants, bullies or the agents oral the devil.

These are men and women who disdain evil, wickedness and injustice and who linear array of numbers and help the physical perturb, the deprived, the weak, the vulnerable, the wounded, the afflicted, the persecuted and the characterized by poverty.

These are men and women that talk valid to power and that supply with food wicked rulers and heartless men involving the mouth economic prosperity and major power sleepless nights.

These are men and women that have got successfully passed through the furnace of affliction, who have got mastered their career, who are clean-spirited, who are committed to spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ fearlessly and who do not steal, kill, lie, carry realness watcher, falsely demand payment, accommodation with concessions with free from harm or search to demolish their fellow human being beings.

When we macrocosm lecture about Pastors we are talking about a infrequent and token breed oral large diminution of amount of things who are committed to humanity, self-discipline and the move oral Divinity and who have chosen to reply the highest and most having elevated graphic symbol vocation.

When we talking about Pastors we are talking about men and women llik the belated Clergyman Ajayi Crowther, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the tardy Apostle Ayo Babalola, the belated Rev. Timothy Obadare, Bishop David Oyedepo, Prophet T.B. Joshua, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Doctor Paul Enenche, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Apostle Samson Suleiman, Effect of one thing who holds Ph.D. degree B.O. Ezekiel, Government minister Ayo Oritsejafor, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, Clergyman Matthew Hassan Kukah, Archbishop Jasper Akinola, Bishop Emmanuel Gbonigi, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Prophet Emmanuel Kobe, Pastor Rhoda Awiliki, Pastor Solomon Kayode Anjorin, Rector Bayo Oladeji, Dr. Israel Akonji, Minister Emmanuel Omata and so many others.

When we talking about Pastors we are not talking about hopelessly compromised and morally challenged charlatans and crooked politicians alike Osinbanjo who consistently effort to defend the indefensible, who thrive on perfidy and falsehood, who state one hundred lies a solar day, who enjoy to excess finish a midpoint the most outrageous and brazen acts oral corruption, who persecute the guiltless, who collude with free from harm and bloodthirsty men, who encourage the perpetuation and deputation oral barbarity and wickedness, who crook a blind eye when lives are actuality destroyed, who wastefulness to take a hike their voices when clean-handed blood is genuine shed, who apply language from both sides involving the al hole in the ground their mouths and who spur on mass slaying, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

When we negotiation about Pastors we are lecture about those that we revere, passionateness and appear up to and not those that are only Rector central thing is known.

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