new emirates sokoto may be next acf - New Emirates: Sokoto May Be Next – ACF

New Emirates: Sokoto May Be Next – ACF

Sultan of Sokoto - New Emirates: Sokoto May Be Next – ACF

The Secretary-General of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Anthony Sani, has said he would not be surprised if the Sokoto State Government decides to split its emirates.

The Kano State government had created four new emirates – Gaya, Bichi, Karaye and Rano – bringing the total number of Emirates in the state to five.

Asked if he thought Sokoto, the last emirate standing, would also be broken up, Sani said: “I cannot tell precisely because governance and traditions of society are dynamic and in a state of flux.

“If language, which is emblematic of culture, is dynamic, traditional institution is subject to change.

“There will be nothing exotic or quixotic if such changes take place in Sokoto State,” he said.

Sani told The Interview that breaking up spheres of traditional influence, even in Kano, was not new.

“Governor Abubakar Rimi (former Kano State governor) did it before,” Sani said.

“It was President Buhari in his first coming as military head of state that reversed it.”

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