Neynar: I am not arrogant

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neymar 2 - Neynar: I am not arrogant


Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil sensation Neymar has refused to be labelled as ‘arrogant’ as he gets ready for Sunday’s international friendly against Nigeria’s Super Eagles at the National Stadium in Singapore.

neymar 2 - Neynar: I am not arrogant
Brazil international Neymar

The Brazilian has decided to hit back at his critics who feel he is given special treatment.

“I don’t think I am being arrogant. On the contrary, I am just explaining. Because I have been in teams where players were treated better than I was. And I never had envy,” he stated ahead of the clash against Senegal.

The Brazilian explained that he is motivated to do even better for the national team so that he can claim the same privileges other star players are provided.

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The PSG star will be making his 101st appearance for the five-time world champions in Sunday’s match which comes up at 1 pm Nigeria time.

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